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Industrial Cutting Tools Are Like Glass Slippers

4/4/19  |  Renee Spielberger, Rexel Technical Consultant

You may think that’s a strange analogy, but I assure you, it’s not. We all know the story of Cinderella and the glass slipper. Prince Charming went from house to house, trying to slip the impractical piece of footwear on lady after lady. You’ll remember, he didn’t settle for a woman whose heel was hanging out the back or the eager step sister who deformed herself to squeeze her foot in there. No, he wanted to find the foot that fit well, sliding into the shoe effortlessly.

Well, if you settle for the wrong industrial cutting tools for the materials you need to cut, you won’t get the happily ever after you need at your facility or shop.

A tool that works with one material…

Have you ever had tooling that you thought wasn’t wearing the way it should? Or an insert that isn’t cutting the way you need it to? Or conflicting opinions from the shop floor?

Recently, I had a customer that was using the same tooling for many years. They were comfortable with it because they were familiar with it. Most people don’t like change, so that wasn’t surprising. When they started a new project where they were cutting aluminum for the first time, suddenly their tooling wasn’t working the same way.

May not work with another.

I knew what the problem was immediately. The customer was using tooling intended for cutting gray cast iron. The difference in the material made the tooling obsolete for the application. To shed some light on the issue, I brought in a representative from a manufacturer who demonstrated the difference using the right industrial cutting tool could make. When the rep used the proper tool designed for cutting aluminum, it worked flawlessly.

It wasn’t quite fairy-tale magic, but the customer was very appreciative. They have since increased their production and reduced material costs (using the right tool eliminated wasted scrap). Embracing change made their work easier and more productive while providing a flawless result.

Let’s look at how you can have a similar success story.

Cinderella Meets Goldilocks (or Finding the Right Tool)

Finding industrial cutting tools that are just right can be a process—and that’s where we can help. I work with many customers who regularly have new projects that require different tools than they are currently working with. Knowing the correct tool for the material is a common issue that I see in the Industrial community. Having the proper support is key.

Because different materials require different tools, issues with tooling can become very technical and sometimes costly. When this happens, I contact our suppliers and solicit assistance from manufacturer representatives. Together, we visit the customer to answer questions, make recommendations, and even offer free tooling samples to ensure we find the right tool for the job.

Building a Better Glass Slipper (Evolving Technology)

It’s important to keep in mind that with technology, there are new advancements all the time—and that includes industrial cutting tools. There are new tools available that you may not know about. Many new tools designed to perform specific functions are now available. Whether it be the lengths (both longer and shorter) or the cutting speeds, flutes, tool edge, and tool end, new tools exist that once didn’t. Whatever your specific issue, never be afraid to reach out to your Horizon Solutions representative. Our expertise and relationships throughout the industry can work for you.

We Can Find Your Perfect Fit

Whether you’re preparing for a new project, working with new material, or just getting frustrated with your current tooling, reach out with your questions. Chances are, we’ll know the answers (or know which of our suppliers to consult). Our in-house Industrial expertise and long-standing relationships with the tooling manufacturers will make for a happy ending. Contact us today!