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VFD Capacitor Reforming

What Is It?
  • Low voltage VFDs have a set of electrolytic capacitors that are subject to current leakage when they are not powered on. Over time, these capacitors decay and must be reformed to function correctly. Rexel offers a standard Capacitor Reforming Service for low voltage VFDs as a cost-effective solution to help eliminate issues before they create risk to your infrastructure. Our certified technicians deliver this on-site service using the latest technology, and provide the documentation to maintain your spare parts information. The results of the VFD Capacitor Reforming Service gives you a rejuvenated VFD that is ready to put into service with fully reformed capacitor(s).
How It Works
  • Assess - An on-site inspection is performed to assess the VFDs that are stocked and the date on manufacturer plates.

  • Prepare - Rexel's Service Consultant will create a plan based on your unique VFD needs.
  • Deliver - A Rexel Certified Technician, equipped with the latest reforming technology, will reform the VFD capacitors on-site.

  • Documentation - You will be provided documentation to update the status of your spare VFD.

The Value
  • Reduced risk of extended downtime
  • Consolidation of spare parts

  • Reduced risk of premature equipment failures

  • Improved accuracy of critical spares

  • Improved workforce safety


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