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Leak Detection Assessment

What Is It?
  • On average, 25% of all compressed gas is lost through leakage. Rexel's Leak Assessments help identify costly air, gas, and vacuum leaks within your facilities system. Using the latest technologies, our service professionals will safely scan and assess designated areas of your facility, providing you precise leak locations and severity, to prioritize and remedy.
How It Works
  • Analysis - An on-site walkthrough of your facility is performed with a designated company resource.

  • Identification - Our service professionals will detect and locate leakage of your compressed systems.
  • Documentation - Rexel will provide all acoustical images and leak serverity in a single data file.

The Value
  • Decreased Energy Costs
  • Compressed System Improvements

  • Safer Work Environment

  • Lower CO2 Emissions

  • Immediate Spoilage Cost Savings

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