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Confused by RSLinx Rebranding?

1/22/19  |  Joe Amorese, Rexel Technical Consultant

Recently, Rockwell Automation® rebranded RSLinx® Enterprise to differentiate RSLinx Classic from RSLinx Enterprise. Let’s look at what RSLinx rebranding means.

The RSLinx Classic Name Hadn’t Changed

RSLinx Classic is an OPC DA 2.x data server and is required for DDE and bridging through legacy networks like DH+. This is also the communication product RSLogix editors have used to upload/download to controllers and IO.

Today, RSLinx Classic is still named RSLinx Classic and can be used for the purposes for which it was originally developed. It is available in four versions: Lite, Single Node, OEM and Gateway. The Lite version supports upload/download to Rockwell Automation controllers, is included with the purchase of RSLogix, and is a free download. RSLinx Classic Lite does not support OPC, whereas the other three versions are DDE/OPC servers. Single node is limited to one controller while OEM allows multiple controllers. Both Single Node and OEM must reside on the same PC as the client software. Gateway supports remote OPC clients and multiple controllers. All versions have Lite functionality included.

What was RSLinx Enterprise…

RSLinx Enterprise was the product for communicating with FactoryTalk®-enabled products supporting the FactoryTalk Live Data system, a superset of OPC used by FactoryTalk software products like FTViewSE and FTHistorian. RSLinx Enterprise shipped with FactoryTalk-enabled software at no additional charge whereas RSLinx data servers were purchased separately for client software needing OPC or DDE access to Allen-Bradley® PLCs. Lite versions were bundled with editors like RSLogix 5/500/5000 and Studio 5000 at no charge with.

…is Now FactoryTalk Linx

FactoryTalk Linx, formerly called RSLinx Enterprise, is the preferred data server for Rockwell Automation FactoryTalk-enabled products. FactoryTalk Linx takes data from Rockwell Automation controllers. Through FactoryTalk services, it delivers data to FactoryTalk-enabled applications via Live Data. Live Data is the communication protocol used in the FactoryTalk suite of software products.


FactoryTalk Linx Gateway, formerly called FactoryTalk Gateway, uses FactoryTalk Linx and serves Live Data to OPC DA and now, OPC UA third-party clients. FactoryTalk Linx Gateway products include Basic, Standard, Distributed, and Professional. Basic and Standard support 1000 and 5000 tags, respectively, and the client must reside on the same PC as FactoryTalk Linx Gateway. Distributed and Professional versions support 32000 and unlimited tags, respectively, in a networked FactoryTalk distributed model.

RSLinx Rebranding and Beyond

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