3 Tips to Protect Your Industrial Manufacturing Facility from a Ransomware Attack

3/7/2023 - Greg Powell, Director of Enterprise Solutions

Cyberattacks on critical infrastructure and industrial manufacturing are a pressing concern, with ransomware being the most popular among threat actors. This post highlights three effective strategies for safeguarding your facility against such threats.

Security Posture for IoT

2/8/2023 - Greg Powell, Director of Enterprise Solutions

Manufacturers should improve operational technology security by increasing asset visibility, segmenting the network, and continuously detecting threats.

Going the Distance: SineWave Filter Applications

12/20/2022 - Scott Savage, Rexel Technical Consultant

Part III of our In and Out Trilogy - Understanding SineWave Filter Applications.

How Far Can You Go Safely? Intro to dv/dt Filtration

11/30/2022 - Scott Savage, Rexel Technical Consultant

Part II of our In and Out Trilogy - an overview and introduction to dv/dt filtration.

Don't Let Skills Gaps at Your Facility Hold You Back

10/12/2022 - Anita O'Brien, Rexel Technical Consultant

Gaps in skills and knowledge in your facility don't have to hold you back. There are convenient training options to keep your employees at the top of their game.

Benefits of Using a Line Reactor on AC Drives

8/10/2022 - Scott Savage, Rexel Technical Consultant

Part I of our In and Out Trilogy - Line reactors may be optional for your drive installation, but there are several benefits you may be missing out on.

Scaling Analog Inputs to PowerFlex 525

7/1/2022 - Scott Savage, Rexel Technical Consultant

This article addresses analog scaling to the analog input to the PowerFlex 525 drive. The example is a 4-20mA signal with a different minimum or maximum frequency output from the drive.

Energy Savings Using VFDs: Just the Facts

6/2/2022 - Scott Savage, Rexel Technical Consultant

60% of all electrical energy is from electrical motors. Learn how you can save energy that exists with air compressors, fans, and pumps in your facility.

Complications with Multiple Motors on One VFD

5/24/2022 - Scott Savage, Rexel Technical Consultant

Learn the facts about multiple motors on one VFD solutions to reoccurring issues.

Migrating from SERCOS to CIP Motion

5/20/2022 - Chris Williams, Rexel Technical Consultant

Discover how to increase performance and flexibility with ethernet-based servo drives.

Improving the Performance of Your VFD in Heavy Duty Applications

5/18/2022 - Scott Savage, Rexel Technical Consultant

This blog will address the three operation models and when to use each mode of the VFD drive in a variety of heavy-duty applications.

Methods for Machine Safety & Access Control That Work Together

5/5/2022 - Will Cole, Rexel Technical Consultant

Machine safety is an important topic whenever you have moving hazards like motors and conveyors. This post will discuss using trapped key interlocks and access/control locking modules.

Improving the Performance of Pumps and Fans

5/4/2022 - Scott Savage, Rexel Technical Consultant

This post will discuss two of the three operations modes to allow for the best and most reliable characteristics of the drive, improving the performance of pumps and fans.

Horizon Solutions Wins the Ecosystem Award

3/31/2022 - Horizon Solutions

Horizon Solutions won the inaugural Ecosystem Award at the Rockwell Automation PartnerNetwork conference for our Business Intelligence in a Box offering, which is a solution bundle.

5 Reasons to Try FactoryTalk Logix Echo

3/8/2022 - Joe Amorese, Rexel Technical Consultant

FactoryTalk Logix Echo emulation software for ControlLogix 5580 controllers offers a convenient way to save time during prototyping, design, and testing. Let's look at reasons to try it.

The Importance of Solid Patch Policies

3/2/2022 - Eric Haff, Rexel Technical Consultant

Are your patch policies set up to protect your production computers? Are you on top of upcoming patches? Learn how to manage your patch policies to avoid costly downtime.

Terminating a VFD Cable

2/22/2022 - Horizon Solutions Partner

Did you know that terminating a VFD cable differs from terminating other shielded cables? Terminating the cable and its shield correctly is essential to system performance and reliability.

Selecting the Right Studio 5000 Edition

2/15/2022 - Austin Desmond, Rexel Technical Consultant

Making the right Studio 5000 software selection can be confusing. This post breaks down the selection process for Logix Controllers, including CompactLogix and ControlLogix.

What is an IDMZ?

2/1/2022 - Eric Haff, Rexel Technical Consultant

If you work in an industrial setting, an IDMZ (industrial demilitarization zone) might be the cybersecurity component you need to protect your employees and productivity.

Sleep Better with a Process Controller

1/18/2022 - Marcia Pohl, Rexel Technical Consultant

Is unexplained downtime costing you sleep, productivity, and money? A process controller can help! Learn how to gain more visibility and find issues faster to get up and running quickly.

Cybercrime and Industrial Facilities

1/4/2022 - Anita O'Brien, Rexel Technical Consultant

Why are industrial companies a target for cybercrime? In the industrial world, we have a lot of systems that are more than 20 years old. These legacy systems often have insecure designs.

140M to 140MT Motor Protection Circuit Breakers

12/14/2021 - Will Cole, Rexel Technical Consultant

Rexel Technical Specialist Will Cole talks about the move from Allen-Bradley Bulletin 140M to 140MT motor protection circuit breakers (MPCB).

Drive Modernization Series Part VIII: Going from a Starter to a PowerFlex 4M Drive

12/7/2021 - Scott Savage, Rexel Technical Consultant

Are you ready to move away from mechanical starters to a solid-state, non-wearing drive that can do so much more than a starter? Learn how to convert to a PowerFlex 4M drive.

Unexplained Downtime? It Could Be PQ Issues

12/1/2021 - Tom Hopkins, Rexel Technical Consultant

Are phantom issues plaguing your machines and causing downtime? PQ issues could be to blame. Learn how to improve power quality in your facility with the right solutions.

Applying CIP Safety with Rockwell Automation

11/23/2021 - Scott DeVost, Rexel Technical Consultant

CIP Safety devices confirm data integrity and go into a safe state when errors occur. Learn how to apply CIP Safety in your facility with Allen-Bradley products from Rockwell Automation.

Downloadable Resources from Our Experts

10/26/2021 - Rexel

If you read our blog, you know we put our specialists to work. But did you know we also provide downloadable resources that you can take with you? We have a free growing library.

Lockout/Tagout Requirements Made Easy

10/12/2021 - Michael Martinson, Rexel Technical Consultant

Meet lockout/tagout requirements with help from the experts. Learn how Rockwell Automation can help you maintain compliance at your facility with several convenient options to choose from.

Dual-Loop Servo Control Explained

10/5/2021 - Chris Williams, Rexel Technical Consultant

In this blog, first we’ll look at single-loop control and its potential issues. Then we’ll learn about dual-loop servo control and the circumstances under which it may be a good solution.

3 Easy Steps to Using FactoryTalk Edge Gateway

9/28/2021 - David Kew, Rexel Technical Consultant

To stay competitive in today’s rapidly changing marketplace, manufacturers need fast access to intelligent, actionable operational data. Learn how FactoryTalk Edge Gateway can help.

Using E-Stops Over Longer Spans

9/14/2021 - Tom Hopkins, Rexel Technical Consultant

We all know e-stops on automated machinery are a requirement. But what is the best way to apply and position them, especially for long spans? Cable pull switches are an option.

5 Reasons to Start Your Digital Transformation NOW

8/31/2021 - Jim Bischoff, Rexel Technical Consultant

Let’s look at five reasons to start your digital transformation. Even if you’re working within a budget or have limited capital, there is always a way to start or continue your journey.