A Powerful Partnership: How Metallus Forged a Safer, More Efficient Future
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BlogA Powerful Partnership: How Metallus Forged a Safer, More Efficient Future

Dave Cucerzan

A Powerful Partnership: How Metallus Forged a Safer, More Efficient Future

6/27/24 | Rexel

Metallus Case Study Cover

When Metallus (formerly TimkenSteel) needed to sharpen its company’s safety training and software management, they turned to Rexel Automation Solutions to hone their procedures.

In business for more than 100 years, Metallus  has been the leading manufacturer of special bar quality (SBQ) large bars and seamless mechanical steel tubing. Their focus is on creating tailored products and services for their customers’ most demanding applications. Their engineers are experts in both materials and applications, so they work closely with each customer to deliver flexible solutions related to their products and applications. Metallus manufactures alloy, carbon, and micro-alloy steel, with an annual melt capacity of approximately 1.2 million tons.

Key Challenges for Metallus

Knowledge Gap: While safety is a top priority, employee turnover and departmental shifts created gaps in safety understanding, particularly regarding specific equipment  and procedures.

Inefficient Software Management: As their software infrastructure grew over time, it began to suffer from redundancies and inconsistencies. Unused software and misattributed licenses created unnecessary costs and operational inefficiencies.

The Solution

Targeted Training: Recognizing Metallus’ diverse workforce skillsets, we recommended training based on individual roles and needs. This ensured their employees received the most relevant and impactful instruction, specifically focusing on GuardLogix and PLC safety systems for improved machine protection and functional safety.

Streamlined Software Operations: Through a comprehensive analysis, we identified and eliminated unused software licenses. We also consolidated and organized their remaining licenses, creating a clear and efficient system for software management.

The Results of Our Collaboration Have Been Significant

Enhanced Safety: With targeted training and increased knowledge, Metallus can implement more effective safety procedures and better manage change processes, minimizing risk and creating a safer working environment for all.

Cost Savings: The streamlined software operation eliminated unnecessary expenses, and removing obsolete equipment further optimized their workflow and resource utilization.

Improved Efficiency: By consolidating and organizing their software licenses, Metallus increased their visibility and control over their software assets, leading to more efficient operations and enhanced productivity. 

Boosted Employee Confidence: The GuardLogix training proved especially valuable, giving employees the confidence and understanding to operate and maintain safety PLCs effectively.

“Rexel was perfectly suited to address our needs, and our companies worked well together.” - Metallus

The Power of Partnership

This partnership highlights the positive impact of a collaborative approach focused on knowledge building and optimizing operations. By understanding Metallus’ needs, Rexel was able to implement solutions that improved safety, boosted efficiency, and provided tangible benefits. This is a testament to the power of partnerships built on shared values and a commitment to continuous improvement.

Rexel can do the same for you. Contact us today to get started.

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