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Case Study: Securing Critical Infrastructure 'til the Cows Come Home

7/11/23  |  Rexel

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In today's interconnected world, the importance of robust cybersecurity measures cannot be overstated, especially for critical infrastructure sectors such as food and agriculture. This blog post delves into the successful collaboration between Aurora Organic Dairy (AOD), a leading organic dairy products producer, and Rexel. The case study highlights how AOD overcame device visibility challenges and implemented a proactive cybersecurity approach to protect their operations and ensure compliance with industry regulations.

AOD’s Challenges

AOD faced two primary challenges that prompted their search for an integrated cybersecurity solution. Firstly, they struggled with device visibility and lacked a comprehensive understanding of data flow within their manufacturing applications. This knowledge gap made it difficult for them to identify potential vulnerabilities or detect malicious networking events promptly. Secondly, AOD recognized that any loss of critical assets would result in a prolonged production halt, potentially jeopardizing their Grade A rating and FDA compliance.

Partnering with Rexel for a Sustainable Cybersecurity Solution

Recognizing the critical importance of maintaining a secure operational environment, AOD approached Rexel for assistance. Rexel proposed their Five Pillars Cybersecurity Strategy, which combines Rockwell Automation’s products and solutions with the ASP program. This locally developed strategy aims to proactively reduce the risk of malicious networking events, providing long-term security for industrial operations.

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