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Case Study: City of Lakewood's SCADA Upgrade

12/5/23 | Rexel

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In the heart of Cleveland, Ohio, the City of Lakewood Waste Water Treatment Plant stands as a guardian of Lake Erie, a vital natural resource. As the 14th-largest city by population in Ohio, Lakewood shoulders the responsibility of treating waste streams and ensuring the safe disposal of resulting byproducts. With a mission to surpass stringent discharge parameters mandated by the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination Systems (NPDES) permit, the plant employs cutting-edge processes and highly trained personnel to uphold the highest environmental standards.

However, the journey toward water preservation faced formidable challenges.


Outdated System: The plant's SCADA system, a custom design from the early 1990s, became technologically obsolete and difficult to maintain. 

Dependency on a Single Vendor: The proprietary system, provided by a local company, left the plant without reliable support after the company's closure. 

Data Loss Incident: A catastrophic system crash led to the loss of crucial data necessary for Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reporting, underscoring the need for a more reliable SCADA system. 

EPA Reporting Requirements: Efficiently managing data for EPA reporting is crucial, demanding a SCADA system capable of supporting reporting needs and seamlessly transitioning from the legacy system.


In collaboration with Rockwell Automation, Rexel presented a comprehensive solution to address these challenges: 

Rexel's Installed Base Evaluation (IBE): A thorough assessment through IBE identified the scope of requirements for a modern SCADA solution, ensuring control system upgrades in necessary areas. 

Turnkey SCADA System: Rexel, working closely with Rockwell Automation's CSM group, delivered a complete turnkey SCADA system based on Rockwell's FactoryTalk Historian software. This included both hardware and software upgrades, ensuring reliability and supportability. 

The City of Lakewood Waste Water Treatment Plant now enjoys reduced downtime, improved reporting, and enhanced operational capabilities. Rexel and Rockwell Automation's solutions have contributed to a positive return on investment, proving that the intersection of clean water and smart technology can create a sustainable future for our most precious resources.

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