Case Study: Cooking up Efficiency – Bama Companies’ Modernization Journey
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Case Study: Cooking up Efficiency: Bama Companies' Modernization Journey

1/31/24 | Rexel

Bama Companies is a prominent and award-winning player in the food and beverage industry. With three production facilities and an additional fourth chilled storage site, Bama Companies has established its presence in the market. Their factories run 2 million biscuits a day, as well as handheld pies, buns, pie shells, and pizza crusts for markets all over the world. With that much product volume, efficiency is critical.

However, they were grappling with challenges that were impeding their operations.

The Challenge

The first hurdle Bama Companies faced was a combination of labor and skills shortage. A high turnover rate within their workforce was causing disruptions and downtime in their production process.

To compound the issue, their manufacturing facilities were equipped with a mixture of old and new technology, making maintenance and support a daunting task. In their efforts to keep production lines running, they resorted to purchasing a wide array of replacement parts, leading to escalating operational costs.

The Solution

Rexel provided a holistic solution to their challenges. By leveraging elements of the Rexel Support Agreement, the team initiated a strategy to  resolve immediate issues and pave the way for sustained improvements.

  • Third-Party Asset Support: By streamlining support channels, including software downloads, phone-based support, training, and repair services, Bama Companies could efficiently address issues as they arose.
  • On-Site Support and Assessments: Rexel's experts conducted on-site assessments to identify areas requiring improvement. This allowed for a more targeted approach to problem-solving, helping Bama Companies maximize their assets' efficiency.
  • Modernization: Starting with drive technology, Bama Companies embarked on a journey to integrate newer, more efficient components into their production lines.

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