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Mitigate Cybersecurity Threats with the NIST Cybersecurity Framework

5/17/23  |  Anita O'Brien, Services and Solutions Business Manager

Is Your Network as Secure as You Think?

Do you have a secure network at your facility? Are you confident that you know what is on your network and how it’s connected? If you can’t answer yes to one or both of those questions you are not alone. Many industrial networks have grown over time and often without a clear plan for security and reliability.

Network Security Challenges

Many people in operations have inherited the responsibility of their home-grown network and they understand the most important aspect of their job is reduced downtime and ensuring employees safety, but networking isn’t their strength.  A lot of facilities have off-site IT people or individuals in IT who are learning about the differences in priorities between IT and OT networks.

Do You Know Who Has Access to Your Network?

Can a service person come into your facility and make changes to the configuration of a controller? Do you have policies that can prevent this? 

Wouldn’t it be nice if someone could assess your network, and determine how many assets are on your network, and if there are any security risks that could potentially cause a safety risk? In partnership with Rockwell Automation, we have trained engineers that come to your facility to gather information. From there we provide information to a team of engineers who analyze it and provide meaningful reports with remediation strategies to assist you in improving your network’s efficiency and security.

We pride ourselves in being able to assist you wherever you are in your cybersecurity journey.

Build a Roadmap for a (Cyber)Secure Future

Start by understanding your organization’s overall cybersecurity preparedness score? The NIST Cybersecurity Framework is widely adopted across all industries, and Rockwell Automation recommends this framework to all critical infrastructure providers and industrial organizations as a fundamental roadmap for managing cybersecurity risks. Ready to get started? Click the link below or contact us today!

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