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Don't Let Skills Gaps at Your Facility Hold You Back

10/12/22  |  Anita O'Brien, Rexel Technical Consultant

It’s no surprise if you are noticing a skills gap at your facility. During the great resignation many facilities lost employees with a tremendous amount of knowledge, and as their positions are filled there is a need for training. This is complicated by the fact that often facilities are running short-handed.

If this sounds like your situation, you’re not alone. How do you get ahead of this? There are several different ways we can help you.

Identifying the Skills Gap

Some people have asked, “how do I assess my staff and understand what the skill gaps are?” We offer assessment services, and we can even customize training to fit those skills gaps. Once the training is completed, we can provide competency training to ensure the learning objectives were achieved.

If you have multiple teams with different skill sets and learning goals, one option is to separate them into different groups based on what you want them to be proficient in. This is all highly customizable based on what you and your team(s) need.

Get Customized, Hands-On Training

Other facilities are keenly aware of their skills gaps and want to provide a hands-on training experience for the individuals they deem need this training. We offer a variety of different automation and craft skill classes that we offer at the various Horizon locations as open enrollment, and our calendars are constantly evolving. If you don’t see what you need reach out to us and let us know. Chances are if you need it, others need it as well, and we can add them to a branch near you. Perhaps you only want your facility in the class. We can offer that as well.

Virtual Training & E-Learning are Convenient Options

Many of you may be thinking, “I can’t let anyone leave our facility to go to hands-on training, but my staff needs training. What should I do?” We also offer virtual training and e-learning.


Virtual training schedules are set up on a calendar and are usually set in one- or two-hour blocks to cover each of the topics offered in the training class. After each of these blocks, there is an hour where any of the students can ask the instructor questions.

These subscriptions could be for one individual class, and we offer access to that class for 90 days after you place the order. Another version of the subscription is full access to all the Rockwell training on the e-learning platform for a year and access to any of the classes that are offered virtually.


E-learning allows students to take the classes at their own pace, and if a facility buys a group of individual licenses there is also access to a managerial dashboard where you can see each of the student’s progress.

Don’t Let Skills Gaps Hold You Back

The bottom line is we have so many ways to help you address your skills gaps, so please don’t hesitate to reach out to us and have a discussion on what would be best for your facility.