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Software Subscriptions: A Modern Delivery Method

11/26/19  |  Jim Bischoff, Rexel Technical Consultant

Times are Changing

The Internet of Things (IoT), The Connected Enterprise™, smart manufacturing, and smart machines have all impacted the way automation software is developed and deployed. Shouldn’t the way we purchase software and manage licenses evolve as well? Enter software subscriptions.

A Little History

Throughout my history in automation, software purchases were usually part of a capital project or capital budget. A large, one-time expense and you owned the license forever. Support for the software was added to your annual support agreement, and you were good to go. Over time, the software may be retired from use, but you still own it. This is a good model for equipment with an expectation of many years of production. This is a viable model today, and we call this a perpetual license. Perhaps you purchased Microsoft® Office® 2010 or 2013. You own that software forever. That would be a commercial example of a perpetual license.

Welcome to the Future: Software Subscriptions

Today we have additional options. Maybe you are starting a business and need to set up your employees with Office applications. You could purchase Microsoft Office for each of your employees, or you could purchase a subscription service with Office 365 and pay a monthly fee per user. This subscription option allows you to scale up or down easily without a dramatic impact to your budget. Well, now we offer similar options for automation software. In a similar fashion, you could purchase a subscription for Studio 5000® for your new employees, and scale that up as your business grows. Many of the Rockwell Software® and PTC products that you are already familiar with are available as a software subscription today, and all of them will be available as a subscription service soon.

Here are just a few advantages of automation software subscriptions:

  1. Lower upfront investment
  2. Ability to restack and scale licenses
  3. Support included with software subscription – no separate contract required
  4. Ability to prorate purchases to align with existing subscriptions
  5. Easy visibility to license management – no need to pay for licenses that aren’t being used

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Take the Modern Approach to Automation Software Delivery

Are you hanging on to aging software? The cost of upgrading doesn’t have to be daunting with software subscriptions. And you’ll enjoy the benefits of software advancements immediately. If you’re ready to increase uptime and productivity with powerful upgrades, contact us today.