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The Path to Efficient Industrial Operations: How Rexel Support Agreements Make a Difference

10/11/23  |  Kim Goodwin, Director of Customer Success and Life Cycle Services

Efficiency isn’t just a buzzword for industrial manufacturers – it’s the cornerstone of success. The ability to keep operations running smoothly, minimize downtime, and optimize processes can make a significant difference to your bottom line and reputation. This isn’t new information for you – it’s something you think about and deal with every day. However, life can be easier with Rexel Support Agreements – a tailored suite of comprehensive and customizable services that can elevate your operational efficiency.

Embracing Efficiency with RSA

There are many benefits RSA can provide, from improved reliability to increased profitability. This post explores some of the specific services included in RSA and how they can support your efficiency goals.

Remote Support

The last thing you need is an unexpected challenge to pop up and disrupt your operations. Remote support gives you access to experts who can help you troubleshoot, diagnose, and resolve the issue to get you back up and running.p

Professional Assessments

Gaps or inefficiencies in your operations or processes can slow you down and hurt your bottom line, or you could be exposed to cybersecurity vulnerabilities. Professional assessments thoroughly examine critical areas of your operations to identify areas in need of improvement. You’ll also receive expert recommendations for how to close those gaps and improve your efficiency.

Facility Safety Review

Everyone deserves to go home safely after their shift. Employee safety is always the top priority. The facility safety review, conducted by experts, ensures your workplace safety practices are up to standard and can prevent accidents that can slow down or halt your operations. Safer employees are happier, more engaged, and more productive.

Temperature Evaluations

Overheating equipment can be a silent disrupter of efficiency. When components are subjected to higher temperatures, they can suffer from reduced efficiency, increased wear and tear, and premature failure leading to unplanned downtime and an increase in your repair costs. Temperature evaluations ensure your machines aren’t working against you.

Product Lifecycle Planning

Aging and outdated equipment can hinder your efficiency and pose threats to cybersecurity. Legacy equipment typically wasn’t designed for today’s interconnected world, and as your components age, they can become less efficient. Product lifecycle planning ensures your equipment remains up to date, preventing any bottlenecks in your operations.

A Designated Agreement Manager

A key benefit of Rexel Service Agreements is your dedicated agreement manager. This person works directly with you to manage all elements of your agreement and collaborate with your team. Your agreement manager will help you access data-driven analytics, maximize asset reliability, and optimize your RSA investment.

The Bottom Line

Efficiency isn’t optional in today’s manufacturing landscape. With RSA, you’re given customizable tools to directly improve your operational efficiency – whether it’s addressing unexpected challenges, optimizing processes, ensuring safety, or keeping your equipment up to date, RSA is your partner.

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