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The Benefits of Absence of Voltage Testers

2/25/20  |  Gary Sargent, Rexel Technical Consultant

Improve Electrical Safety

Today, just about every manufacturing process has a bevy of inherent safety risks, so it is important to identify and minimize potential hazards from the very beginning. Prior to performing de-energized work on electrical equipment, NFPA 70E requires that workers verify equipment is in an electrically safe state. This de-energizing and verification process can prevent electrical incidents. Historically, this process uses a portable tester, is time-consuming, and may involve exposure to electrical hazards.

Using absence of voltage testers (AVT) such as a VeriSafe™ AVT device from Panduit® reduces the risk and ensures the entire process is performed in the proper sequence with permanently installed components.

Improve Productivity

The traditional testing process requires the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) because the panel must be presumed to be energized. Additionally, portable testing tools need to be transported to the electrical panel. Absence of voltage testers make the process much safer. And VeriSafe AVT also simplifies the process by automating voltage verification. Shorter testing times reduce downtime and improve machine availability. Maximizing uptime/reducing downtime is a critical business issue for all 24/7 manufacturing operations and a key KPI for most facilities.

Testing Methods Comparison

The traditional testing process puts qualified electrical workers at risk, routinely exposing them to electrical hazards in a complex and time-consuming manual procedure using handheld electrical test equipment.

Verisafe Absence of Voltage Testers simplify this process to a single push-button action.

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VeriSafe absence of voltage testers are a newer, award-winning product that improves electrical workers’ ability to safely verify that the electrical panel is in a de-energized state, allowing maintenance work to proceed.

Other Industry Innovations

In addition to absence of voltage testers, the electrical industry has developed a number of devices to improve safety for electrical control panels over the past two decades, including:   

  • - Permanently mounted voltage indicators 
  • - Voltage portals
  • - Data access ports
  • - Infrared (IR) windows for thermal inspection 

Step-up Electrical Safety

If you want to learn more about Panduit VeriSafe absence of voltage testers (AVT) or any other safety innovation, our specialists are here to help. We offer a broad range of safety products and services including:

  • - Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)
  • - Safety Training
  • - Arc Flash Assessments/Training
  • - Lockout Tagout Services
  • - Safety PLCs
  • - Safety Relays
  • - Safety Input/Output Devices

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