Mitigating Voltage Sag

4/5/2022 - Kevin Beach, Rexel Technical Consultant

Just five seconds of voltage sag can cost a lot - downtime, lost product, and lost productivity. Learn what happens during a sag event and how products like DySC can mitigate the impact.

Meet UL Requirements and Master SCCR

1/7/2021 - Horizon Solutions Partner

Do you understand SCCR? UL now requires manufacturers ccomplete the UL 508A Manufacturer Technical Representative (MTR) Qualification Examination. Bussman MTR exam prep can help.

The Benefits of Absence of Voltage Testers

2/25/2020 - Gary Sargent, Rexel Technical Consultant

Absense of voltage testers increase safety and productivity, ensuring the testing process is performed properly and reducing the risk of electrical injuries and fatalities in the workplace.

Case Study: Material Storage Lowers Project Costs

2/18/2020 - Rexel

When customers need innovative solutions, we rise to the challenge. Learn how one electrical contractor reduced their project costs by $32.5K with our material storage solutions.

Streamline Your Construction Purchase Order Process

5/7/2019 - Rexel

With time being universally equated with money, construction delays add up to cost increases. Even something as simple as improving your purchase order process can mean significant savings.

Internet of Things Around Every Corner

4/18/2019 - Gary Sargent, Rexel Technical Consultant

Every time I turn a corner, a new manufacturer is getting into or expanding their offerings into the Internet of Things (IoT). Let's look at some of these technological advancements.

An Introduction to Power Disitribution Terms

3/28/2019 - Kirby Haizlip, Rexel Technical Consultant

There are many power distribution terms to describe different pieces of the electrical infrastructure that we all encounter. I'll lay out some of the equipment and how to recognize it.