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Climbing up to LED Innovations

5/14/19  |  Jessica Cardona, Rexel Technical Consultants

Chutes and Ladders: It’s Not Just a Game

Imagine being eight years old, playing one of the best board games of all time. One moment, a lucky roll takes you to the top of the ladder and the head of the pack. And then the next, fate sends you to down the chute. From the industries we work in to the products we buy, we all experience ups and downs in our knowledge. With the speed of change, what we know and understand one moment may become obsolete the next, or we may be an expert in one thing and a novice in another. Whether you work with lighting or have a space to illuminate, it can be hard to keep up with LED innovations. Like any other industry, lighting has its unity, inconsistencies, and breakthroughs, but it’s all about what we do when things change.

Do you embrace these moments and climb the ladder again or give up at the bottom of the chute?

The Ladder of LED Innovations

In the lighting world today, education is key, especially as LED products are improving at the speed of well, light. The more you know about these innovations, the more you can:

  • Avoid lighting inconsistencies in output or color temperature
  • Consume less energy and reduce utility bills
  • Improve safety by reducing maintenance and providing better visual acuity
  • Increase productivity by creating a more comfortable environment

Did the last two benefits take you by surprise? Because the industry is changing rapidly, there’s a lot of new information to take in. Don’t let new information surprise or discourage you. Experts like our Lighting Specialists are here to help you climb the knowledge ladder.

It Takes More than Marketing

Lighting manufacturers offer consumers plenty of information, but much of it comes from their marketing departments. These pieces are excellent for illuminating benefits and giving product overviews—we often use them as leave-behinds—but to fully understand what’s available and how it can meet your needs, you may need some help. When making a purchase, unless someone is explaining the material, it’s hard to make the right decision. As far as some consumers know, their fixture or lamp is burnt out, and they need one that looks the same to replace it. All too often, cost becomes the determining factor. And decisions like those can be costlier in the long run.

Lean on an Expert

Lighting Specialists are your subject matter experts (SMEs), and they can help guide you through your lighting options. We’ve received in-depth product training that can answer questions you may not even know you have as we walk you through manufacturer materials.

We can also help guide you through rebates and incentive programs that can offset the cost of LED innovation upgrades. As the government rolls out grants to promote upgrades, helping reduce carbon emission and power consumption within our cities and towns, there are new and evolving opportunities for businesses and property owners. When customers approach us, their focus is often on saving energy to save money, but with some conversation, we help them see the full potential of LED innovation for both their employees and their budgets, including reduced overhead and operating costs.

Don’t Let the Word “Expert” Intimidate You

Sometimes, when you’re sitting at the bottom of the chute, looking up the ladder, it can be intimating—especially when there’s an expert up there. But we’re not there to block the way; we’re offering a helping hand. And we can help because we weren’t always experts.

When I came into the lighting industry, there was a lot for me to learn about the basics of lighting along with the changes taking place. I remember listening to the engineers and responding, but at times I was overwhelmed. You see, I was one of those people who was too nervous to ask questions because I thought the answers were supposed to be obvious. I honestly felt like people would think I was dumb or just not getting it. That was all in my head! Luckily, I gathered the courage to ask questions. And a funny thing happened. The more I asked, the more they explained, and before long, I became an expert.

This experience helped me with my teaching approach. After a few years of training people on new products, I noticed that I was helping customers come out of their shell and ask questions. I helped them climb that ladder that had seemed a mile high to me while building trust.

Don’t Leave Lighting to Luck

Save rolling the dice for board games! If there is anything you’d like to know to understand LED innovations better, we’re here to help. Lighting upgrades can save you money and increase safety—especially when it comes to climbing ladders. Contact us today!

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