What is an Energy Audit?

7/8/2021 - Lauren McNamara & Nicole Voudren, Rexel Technical Consultants 

What is an energy audit? It's a way for businesses to identify opportunities to be more efficient while reducing operating costs and increasing productivity, comfort, and safety.

Electric Vehicle Trends for Drive Electric Week

10/1/2020 - Nicole Voudren, Rexel Technical Consultant

Let's look at emerging electric vehicle trends for National Drive Electric Week. This post is a timely update on the benefits of driving electric as well as promising market trends.

HVAC Options for COVID-19 Safety

6/9/2020 - Gregory Carr, Rexel Technical Consultant

The pandemic has required us to change many things in our lives and professions to increase safety. In this post, we'll be looking at energy efficient HVAC options for COVID-19 safety.

Why Should I Drive an Electric Vehicle?

4/22/2020 - Nicole Voudren, Rexel Technical Consultant

Are you thinking about going greener? Electric vehicles are a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. Learn more about the environmental impact of reduced emissions.

Conserve Energy with Demand Control Ventilation

12/18/2019 - Gregory Carr, Rexel Technical Consultant

Industry standards stipulate ventilation requirements, which are critical to productivity. Demand control ventilation effectively and efficiently reduces heating and cooling costs.

Dial into the Benefits of Dialight

9/5/2019 - Lauran McNamara, Rexel Technical Consultant

The benefits of Dialight allow you to increase its safety, productivity, and efficiency while decreasing costs. Let's discuss the innovations that make Dialight a robust, powerful choice.

Avoiding Drenched Air Diffusers

8/1/2019 - Gregory Carr, Rexel Technical Consultant

What's a little water, right? Wrong. Dripping air diffusers can cause stains. And moisture in the ductwork can eventually result in mold and mildew, causing illness to occupants.

Climbing up to LED Innovations

5/14/2019 - Jessica Cardona, Rexel Technical Consultant

LED products are improving at the speed of, well, light. These innovations will allow you to avoid lighting inconsistencies, reduce energy bills, improve safety, and increase productivity.

Swith to LEDs with Energy Incentive Programs

5/2/2019 - Lauren McNamara, Rexel Technical Consultant

LEDs have a longer lifespan, emit brighter light, offer a smaller footprint, and most importantly, consume less energy. That's why many states have created incentive programs.

LED Upgrades: Bright Lights, Big Savings

4/23/2019 - Rexel

LEDs reduce energy consumption, making them a more eco-friendly option. But, have you considered how much better LED light is for your ecosystem? We've compiled 15 benefits.

Steam Trap Maintenance Prevents Energy Waste

4/9/2019 - Gregory Carr, Rexel Technical Consultant

Steam systems often go unnoticed as big energy wasters. Steam trap failures can easily occur without raising any red flags to alert you to the issue - as energy dollars go out the door!