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LED Upgrades: Bright Lights, Big Savings

4/23/19  |  Rexel

White light is deceiving. What we perceive as colorless luminesce contains every wavelength of the visible spectrum at equal intensity. It’s amazing to think about and difficult to comprehend. It’s similarly deceiving to only think of LED light in terms of its energy savings. While that’s the headline grabber, it’s just the beginning of the story. Much like the clichéd tip of the iceberg, there’s much more below the surface.

More than Energy Savings

It’s no secret that LED lights use less energy. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, LED bulbs can be up to seven times more efficient than incandescent bulbs, cutting energy use by over 80%. And many of our Energy Services customers have reaped the benefits of these savings.

Beyond lower energy bills, LEDs reduce energy consumption, making them a more eco-friendly option—which is better for the planet. But have you considered how much better LED light is for the eco-system of your workplace?

15 Benefits of LED Light Upgrades

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To save you the effort of Googling (or Binging, if that’s your thing), we’ve compiled 15 benefits beyond energy savings for you in a twelve-page eBook. You’ll learn how these key advantages come together to lower operating costs, improve property values, and boost productivity.

  • Save Money: Savings go way beyond lower energy bills. From fewer replacements to lower administrative costs, LEDs are more cost-effective
  • Improve Safety: Keeping employees safe is critical. LEDs reduce and eliminate hazards, reducing workers’ comp claims and OSHA violations
  • Improve Your Environment: LEDs provide clearer, more consistent light, making people more comfortable—and in more ways than you think

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