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Switch to LEDs with Energy Incentive Programs

5/2/19  |  Lauren McNamara, Rexel Technical Consultants

Energy Savings You Can See

Lighting is making advancements every day, as it always has. Before the most recent innovation of LEDs (light-emitting diodes), people were swapping compact fluorescents for slightly better compact fluorescents. LEDs are dramatically better than fluorescent lights. They have a longer lifespan, emit brighter light, offer a smaller footprint, and most importantly, consume less energy. That’s why many states have created incentive programs to encourage businesses to make the switch to LEDs.

Benefits Beyond Lower Energy Bills

LEDs are doing more than saving companies money on their electric bills; they’re also lowering maintenance costs. Significantly longer light lifespans, anywhere from 15 to 20 years, mean the time and money spent ordering and changing lightbulbs can now be put to better use. That also means that workers will spend less time on ladders changing bulbs, which can be hazardous. Additionally, LEDs are less breakable than fluorescent and incandescent bulbs and emit less heat, reducing the chance of exposure to broken glass and lowering the risk of burns.

A Look at Programs: Efficiency Maine

Incentive programs encourage businesses to make energy-efficient upgrades by offering funding and rebates to offset the cost. And when you consider that energy improvements lower utility bills, companies can see an ROI even quicker. Efficiency Maine is an excellent example of a statewide incentive program.

Let Us Handle the Paperwork

There is a required application process for programs like Efficiency Maine. Don’t let the thought of paperwork scare you—we’ll do the heavy lifting. When you choose Rexel for your energy-efficiency projects, as a Qualified Partner with Efficiency Maine, we take care of all the required paperwork and act as your liaison.

It’s important to note that incentive programs are subject to change. So talk to your local account manager sooner than later. They’ll work with you to coordinate a time for our Lighting Consultants to audit your facility, which is the first step toward completing the application process for any incentive program. We’ll discuss lighting options with you to best meet your needs.

What are You Waiting For? Make the Switch!

The lighting world is always changing, so it’s important to stay up to date on the most recent improvements to keep your business on the cutting edge of technology. After all, you can see the difference immediately—and who doesn’t like an instant payoff?

Maine’s incentive program is just one example of the many programs offered. Contact us today to learn about the incentive program in your state.

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