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Is it Time for a Hazard Assessment?

11/2/21  |  Rexel

Do you know what hazards are lurking in your facility or on your job site? Annual inspections are a best practice (and often required by OSHA, depending on your industry) to prevent workplace injuries and fatalities. A hazard assessment produces a clear picture of your safety status while identifying areas for improvement, allowing you to protect workers and avoid costly fines.

Workers’ Rights

Everyone is entitled to a safe workplace. OSHA outlines workers rights as follows:

Performing a hazard assessment is a great way to ensure you meet employees' needs and protect them from harmful environments, materials, and tasks. If your facility or site hasn’t been inspected for safety standards this year (or ever), it may be time to have it assessed.

DIY Hazard Assessment

Performing a self-inspection can help you ensure you’re meeting basic safety standards. We offer a workbook to help you get started. Our DIY Safety Check Workbook provides 13 safety checklists that you can use during an internal hazard assessment to identify potential hazards and areas of non-compliance. These tools will help you evaluate your current situation to prevent future incidents and injuries.

Our safety workbook is by no means all-inclusive. You should skip pages that don’t apply to your facility and supplement pages to address topics specific to your operations. You should always refer to OSHA standards for complete, specific regulations that apply to your work situation and environment.

We Can Help!

No matter how you decide to move forward with your hazard assessment, we’re here to help you navigate its findings. Our in-house experts are here to offer advice and make recommendations to help you keep workers safe and avoid safety violations. Contact us today!

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