The Importance of Safety Assessments in Industrial Plants

6/14/2023 - Rexel

This blog post explores why conducting regular safety assessments is critical to maintaining a safe workplace. From identifying hazards to complying with regulations, keeping your employees safe benefits them and you.

National Safety Month 2023 Resources

6/7/2023 - Rexel

June is National Safety Month – what does safety look like at your company? This post highlights information and resources you can use during your safety journey. Remember, safety is a right, and everyone deserves to go home healthy and injury free.

Upgrade Your Electrical Safety Program and Reduce LOTO Procedure Times

4/6/2023 - Grace Technologies, Rexel Partner

The post highlights the benefits of using the ChekVolt® system, which allows users to test for absence of voltage and provides voltage presence LED indication without opening enclosure doors, reducing the risk of arc flash or shock hazard, and improving safety and productivity.

Improve Efficiency and Streamline Machine Safety with GuardLink™

3/14/2023 - Tom Hopkins, Automation Specialist

Learn how Rockwell Automations® GuardLink™ technology can allow all types of safety devices to be placed on a single series line and still achieve Performance Level 'e' without the risk of fault masking. By using GuardLink, you can simplify your safety installations, increase efficiency, and improve overall safety.

5 Tips to Stay Safe and Warm in the Cold Weather

11/16/2022 - Rexel

5 tips to keep you safe, warm, and productive while working in the cold.

Safety You Can See: The Visual Workplace

3/15/2022 - Rexel

The visual workplace is the concept of emphasizing the use of visual cues to convey information such as color, signs, labels, and tape to help create a safer space for workers.

Burn Prevention in the Workplace

2/8/2022 - Rexel

Burn injuries result in 40,000 hospitalizations each year. From downed power lines to chemical exposure to arc flash, burn prevention could have saved lives and prevented injuries.

Winter Safety for Working Outdoors

1/11/2022 - Rexel

We're in the coldest part of the year - being outside can be a hazard. Winter safety for people who work outdoors saves lives and limbs. Let's go over ways to keep workers safe in the cold.

Understanding Eye Protection Requirements

11/16/2021 - Rexel

The thought of an eye injury provokes a visceral reaction in most people. Understanding workplace hazards and OSHA requirements will help you select the right type of eye protection.

Be on the Alert for Drowsy Driving?

11/9/2021 - Rexel

The first full week of November is Drowsy Driving Prevention Week. Each year, drowsy driving results in tens of thousands of accidents and thousands of deaths. Learn to recognize the signs.

Is it Time for a Hazard Assessment?

11/2/2021 - Rexel

Do you know what's lurking in your facility? A hazard assessment helps you understand your safety status, identifying opportunities to protect workers, prevent injuries, and avoid fines.

6 Tips for Starting a Safety Program

8/1/2021 - Rexel

Starting a safety program is the right thing to do, preventing workplace injuries while helping you avoid hefty OSHA fines. Keep the following six tips in mind as you develop your program.

Understanding the Hierarchy of Controls

6/29/2021 - Brendan Behr, Rexel Technical Consultant

Before performing a task, assessing the potential for hazard exposure is imperative. Taking steps to mitigate the risk of injury starts with understanding the hierarchy of controls.

Job Safety is a Right

6/15/2021 - Rexel

Job safety is vital to OSHA compliance. Federal law entitles workers to a safe workplace. That means employers must keep workplaces free of known health and safety hazards.

Prevent Workplace Incidents by Avoiding the Top 10

6/1/2021 - Rexel

OSHA's top ten list of most frequently cited standards shows the potential for accidents and injures - and is a starting place to prevent workplace incidents.

Top 3 Working at Height Hazards

5/11/2021 - Rexel

Working at height refers to work performed above another level. Knowing the hazards can save lives. From fall prevention to fall protection, this post can help you improve workplace safety.

Face Masks: Fact or Fiction

3/16/2021 - Brendan Behr, Rexel Technical Consultant

When it comes to face masks, do you know the difference between fact and fiction? Let's clear the air with some guidance on what masks can and can't do to keep you safe at work and in public.

Updated Fall Arrest Standards

1/14/2021 - Jim Lanz, Rexel Technical Consultant

In recent years, both OSHA and ANSI have updated fall arrest standards. Are you aware of the new compliance requirements? Learn about updates for ladders and self-retracting lanyards.

Workplace Cleaning and Disinfecting for a Pandemic

12/1/2020 - Rexel

Whether you're reopening after a shutdown period or looking to stave off rising infection rates, these workplace cleaning tips from the CDC, OSHA, and the EPA can help.

6 Office Safety Considerations

11/3/2020 - Rexel

Though the threats may seem less imminent and the injuries less severe, office safety is critical to employee wellness. Let's look at six areas to consider for your office safety program.

Finding the Right Mask

10/27/2020 - Rexel

With several styles to choose from, finding the right mask can be confusing. This blog looks at the most common types for protection and prevention, including cloth, N95, and surgical.

4 Steps to Disaster Preparedness

9/10/2020 - Rexel

National Disaster Preparedness Month is a great time to look at disaster preparedness. If you haven't evaluated your plans and policies - or if you don't have any - get started with these four steps.

15 Ways to Show Workplace Safety Leadership

8/11/2020 - Rexel

We know safety has to come from the top down. To mark OSHA's Safe + Sound Week, we're highlighting 15 ways managers can show workplace safety leadership and foster a safety culture.

Driving Safety for Powered Industrial Trucks

6/30/2020 - Rexel

Let's look at driving safety for powered industrial trucks, focusing on OSHA's topics for ensuring safe operation. In this post, we'll address each topic to help you improve driving safety.

3 Steps to Addressing Ergonomic Risk Factors

6/17/2020 - Rexel

Poor ergonomic working conditions can cause musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). Whether you move all day or sit behind a desk, addressing ergonomic risk factors is crucial to workplace safety.

Managing Workplace Stress in a Pandemic

6/11/2020 - Rexel

Managing workplace stress in a pandemic takes employers and employees coming together. Learn employer strategies and get tips for employees to alleviate stress and improve morale.

8 Tips to Prevent Workplace Injuries

6/1/2020 - Rexel

Accidents are avoidable! With the right knowledge, practices, and equipment, employers can prevent workplace injuries. Learn how to keep workers safe and download our prevention guide.

COVID-19 Safety Solutions for the New Normal

5/27/2020 - Brendan Behr, Rexel Technical Consultant

Finding the right COVID-19 safety solutions is critical to workplace safety. There are several key components to consider as businesses revise their safety programs for the new normal.

4 Safety Engagement Strategies

1/21/2020 - Rexel

This week's tip is: "Ensure workers know their roles in a safety and health program." Safety engagement is critical to the success of any safety program. Making safety everyone's job is key.

Dressing for Winter Work: Cold Weather PPE

1/16/2020 - Rexel

Dress to prevent cold stress. Cold weather PPE includes specially insulated and waterproof gear as well as standard winter gear. The following guidelines can keep workers safe and warm.

5 Workplace Safety Tips

1/10/2020 - Rexel

Our workplace safety tips are based on what our readers search for most. Focused on safety areas, this list will help you keep site workers and visitors safe and sound in 2020 and beyond.

Creating Compliant Lockout/Tagout Procedures

1/2/2020 - Michael Martinson, Rexel Technical Consultant

Where are you at regarding compliance? Having accurate lockout/tagout procedures is a great start. But LOTO procedures are just one of five required components to a LOTO program.

Machine Guarding Saves Life and Limb

11/21/2019 - Rexel

Lead dust from one site can be carried to another, creating a lead exposure risk in your home and car and endangering your family. Learn how to avoid take-home lead and prevent serious harm.

Prevent Hearing Loss with Ear Protection

10/17/2019 - Rexel

All too often, when we think of workplace safety, we think in terms of the dangers we can see. But noise can be just as damaging as a slippery floor, and its effects can last much longer.

Safety Signs: Seeing the Possibilities

10/3/2019 - Liz Rossiter, Rexel Technical Consultant

We are bombarded with signs all the time - especially safety signs. I bet you've relied on at least one of those today. Signs have saved you from injury and even death countless times.

Six Steps to a Lockout/Tagout Program

9/10/2019 - Jim Lanz, Rexel Technical Consultant

I was recently asked to provide a training module on a lockout/tagout after an injury at a customer's facility. This incident could have been prevented with a compliant lockout/tagout program.

3 Parts of a Comprehensive Safety Program

8/15/2019 - Rexel

It's Safe + Sound Week, an OSHA campaign to inspire more facilities and worksites to make safety a priority, complete with resources. In this post, we'll explore the three pillars of this program.

6 Ways to Improve Workplace Safety

8/13/2019 - Rexel

It's OSHA's Safe + Sound Week and a great time to evaluate your safety program. This post will help you improve workplace safety at your site or facility and keep employees safe and sound.

Preventing Heat Stress

7/11/2019 - Liz Rossiter, Rexel Technical Consultant

If you're outside working in direct sunlight for an extended period, you may begin to experience symptoms that signal heat stress. The good news is that it's generally preventable.

10 Steps for Addressing Workplace Impairment

6/25/2019 - Jim Lanz, Rexel Technical Consultant

Workplace impairment threatens the safety of employees, customers, and the public. Though it can be tricky to identify, it's a risk that shouldn't be taken lightly.

Managing Fatigue in the Workplace

6/18/2019 - Jim Lanz, Rexel Technical Consultant

More than 43% of workers are sleep deprived. Fatigue impacts job performance and increases the likelihood of accidents. Managing fatigue can increase your efficiency and keep you safe.

5 Fall Prevention Guidelines

6/11/2019 - Jim Lanz, Rexel Technical Consultant

At work, people are more likely to get injured by slipping, tripping, or falling than by any other cause of accident. So, keeping up with fall prevention standards and techniques is important.

Identifying Workplace Hazards

6/4/2019 - Jim Lanz, Rexel Technical Consultant

When considering workplace safety, what is the first step to developing safety standards for any task? If you're not identifying workplace hazards, your safety program is merely theoretical.

Machine Safety Culture

4/11/2019 - Tom Hopkins, Rexel Technical Consultant

Arguably, one of the biggest factors in machine safety is the human element, which is why machine safety culture is critical. Functionally, safety systems are designed to protect everyone.

12 Ladder Safety Tips

3/5/2019 - Jim Lanz, Rexel Technical Consultant

March is Ladder Safety Month! So, it's a good time to look at ladder safety at your company. Many workplace accidents involve falls from ladders - and they could have been prevented.

Emergency Eyewash Stations are a Must

2/12/2019 - Jim Lanz, Rexel Technical Consultant

Permanent injury is all too common when it comes to the soft tissue of the human eye. Emergency eyewash stations play an important role in the safety of workers.

Preventing Cold Stress

1/31/2019 - Rexel

Cold stress can be extremely hazardous. There are many ways to identify cold stress, and OSHA identifies three common types of stress and how to prevent them.