About Horizon Solutions

We’ve been serving customers for more than 160 years, and our success is built upon our commitment to meeting and exceeding the needs of customers like you. Our focus on honing an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the industries we serve allows us to work with you to design innovative solutions using the latest technology. It’s our customer-centric approach that has made us successful, and it is the secret to our longevity. From our first days to today, our commitment to excellent service and industry expertise allows us to anticipate customer needs. Our objective is to deliver solutions that will help you reduce downtime and streamline operations while staying ahead of your competition—because your success is our success.

 Our Approach

 Users of automation face a wide range of complex challenges including Operations and Production, Safety and Security, Project Management, Workforce Development, and   Business Intelligence. Rexel’s Services are specifically designed to scale and complement automation users’ unique needs related to these automation and industrial   networking challenges. Our certified automation and network specialists provide expertise in integrating information and operational technologies. 

 From the receiving dock and warehouse to the plant floor and beyond, Rexel Delivered Services can provide you with the insights, networking, and hardware to automate and   optimize every aspect of your business.

 Our Mission

 Our mission is to maximize customers’ return on automation and information investments by providing superior support across the entire investment lifecycle.

 Rexel Delivered Services is focused on helping organizations increase productivity, optimize inventory, decrease time to market, and maximize profitability by delivering   excellent service and support through our broad range of industrial automation services, solutions, and products.

 Our Commitment

 Rexel commits to understanding your specific business objectives and needs to support you in reaching your organizational goals. Our portfolio of plant services has helped   our clients improve reliability, increase productivity, and augment their workforces with critical competencies, while delivering best-in-class customer service and support. 

 Every day, we consistently deliver the business outcomes our clients strive to achieve. We can do the same for you!


ISO9001:2015 Certified

Rexel's Spark, MD Automation Center has successfully certified its Quality Management System (QMS) to the International Organization of Standardization (ISO)9001:2015. The scope of this registration applies to the supply chain solutions provider of automation and control components and systems. This is the most updated standard of its kind, focusing on quality management systems and performance.