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 Faced with Modernization Challenges?

“We were struggling to identify our modernization strategy with increasing support costs from legacy equipment and real-time data issues. Rexel Delivered Services completed an Installed Base Evaluation and Network Assessment resulting in a phased plan solution and remediation opportunities. We also enrolled into Rexel workforce development programs.” A Rexel Food and Beverage Manufacturing Customer


 Looking for Ways to Meet Increased Demand?

“One of our operations was struggling to meet system demands for the local municipality. Our power infrastructure was outdated, and control systems weren't able to optimize the limited resources and space available. We consulted Rexel Delivered Services who performed an Arc Flash Study and Modernization Evaluation. We quickly realized productivity improvements and determined spare part needs to maintain operational levels.” A Rexel Municipal Water Facility Customer


 Are you Experiencing Unscheduled Downtime?

“Our facility had experienced several downtime incidents due to outdated control systems and large gaps in available spares for discontinued parts. We were sharing inventory among various sites which amplified our costs. We brought in Rexel Delivered Services who suggested a Parts Management Agreement and Lifecycle contract. Those solutions delivered an inventory savings of $130K. They are also helping us modernize our equipment.” A Rexel Building Products Customer


 Need Help with Aging Infrastructure?

“We had aging infrastructure and were losing support from our original integrator. Due to increasing support costs, we considered migrating our legacy equipment. We decided to consult with Rexel Delivered Services who completed a Network Assessment and Installed Base Evaluation, which led to a full system upgrade. Rockwell was able to provide us a technical support agreement at a competitive price and sustained reliability.” A Rexel Power Generation Customer

 Looking for Expert Safety Advice?

“An increase in recordable incidents during routine maintenance led to a renewed focus on safety within our organization. We were also experiencing compliance issues with our Arc Flash labels. We consulted Rexel Delivered Services and Rockwell Automation via Skype to discuss our safety improvement needs. They provided a Lock-Out Tag-Out Assessment & Arc Flash Study, which immediately improved our workforce’s safety and maintenance procedures.” A Rexel Forest Products Customer