7 Benefits of Predictive Maintenance with the Rexel Support Agreement
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7 Benefits of Predictive Maintenance with the Rexel Support Agreement

2/2/24 | Kim Goodwin, Director of Customer Success and Life Cycle Services

Unforeseen equipment failures are much more than an inconvenience or annoyance – they’re profit-sapping problems that erode customer trust, disrupt your operations, and can frustrate your teams, especially when they keep happening. However, with data-driven predictive maintenance, you can gain insights and see the future of your factory, anticipating equipment needs and repairs before breakdowns happen.

According to a study by Endeavor Business Intelligence on behalf of Panduit and The Journal From Rockwell Automation and Our PartnerNetwork™ magazine found that the cost of unplanned downtime can cost industrial manufacturers anywhere from $10,000 to $100,000+ per hour. That’s a lot of money you can’t afford to lose.

Pro Tip: Predictive maintenance is built into the packages of the Rexel Support Agreement (RSA).

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First, let’s look at the definition of predictive maintenance

What is Predictive Maintenance?

Predictive maintenance is the ability to predict equipment failures before they happen, allowing you to transition from reactive to proactive fixes. This is done with the power of data, sensors, and intelligent algorithms to monitor equipment performance, analyze data for patterns, predict potential failures, and schedule proactive maintenance.

As an industrial manufacturer, this allows you to gain control over your operations and build a resilient future largely devoid of sudden breakdowns so you can improve your operations, reduce costs, and gain a competitive edge.

7 Ways the RSA Reimagines Your Factory's Future

Predictive maintenance is a built-in feature of the RSA packages. Here are 7 ways it can transform your operations.

  1. Foresight, Not Firefighting: Get used to less scrambling to fix sudden breakdowns. Potential problems are identified through careful data analysis, and repairs are scheduled at your convenience.
  2. Extended Equipment Life: By identifying and addressing issues early, you prevent them from turning into a bigger problem, which extends the lifespan of your valuable equipment.
  3. Data-Driven Decision Making: Access valuable insights into your equipment’s performance and maintenance needs, allowing you to optimize your budget and make informed decisions about upgrades and replacements.
  4. Strategic Technology Investments: With the RSA, we’ll help you plan strategic equipment upgrades, making sure you invest in the right technologies at the right time to maximize their impact. This is especially important because any legacy equipment likely lacks the critical technology to help you fend off a cyberattack.
  1. A Sustainable Future: By prioritizing repairs instead of replacements, you’ll reduce waste and environmental impact. This means you’re contributing to a more sustainable and responsible manufacturing ecosystem.
  2. Building a Resilient Factory: You produce a quality product, and your customers expect to have it on time. And nobody likes the uncomfortable conversation of telling a customer their order is delayed. By building predictive maintenance into your operations, your production lines will stay up and running, reducing unforeseen disruptions, and enhancing customer satisfaction.
  3. Growth Through Proactive Management: By improving your overall maintenance strategy to a data-driven, predictive maintenance approach, you’re better positioned to achieve sustainable growth and better navigate the competitive manufacturing landscape.

Partner with Rexel Today

The RSA is a valuable partnership and resource to help you improve efficiency, boost productivity, and save your money. By combining a range of capabilities into one contract, it’s easier to get the support you need to stay competitive. Contact us today to learn more about how the RSA can help your business.

How the RSA Helped Bama Companies' Modernization Journey

Bama Companies, a distinguished name in the food and beverage industry, operates three production facilities and a chilled storage site, creating millions of food items daily for global markets. Despite their scale, challenges loomed—labor turnover and a mix of aging and modern technology hindered their efficiency and increased operational costs. 

Teaming up with Rexel, a comprehensive solution was crafted using the Rexel Support Agreement: from on-site assessments to modernization initiatives, including third-party support and training. 

This collaboration fostered a holistic approach, addressing diverse issues collectively, enhancing workforce competency, and reducing downtime. 

The result? A transformative shift in operations, empowering Bama Companies for sustainable growth within the industry.



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