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Dial into the Benefits of Dialight

9/5/19  |  Lauren McNamara, Rexel Technical Consultants

It’s no surprise that every company wants to increase its safety, productivity, and efficiency while decreasing costs. But it might come as a surprise that you can do all of this by updating outdated lighting to new LEDs. A previous blog post discuss this in-depth, but today we are going to discuss one company that has taken it one step further and the benefits of Dialight.

LED Experts

Dialight is unique in its lighting history. Unlike most lighting manufacturers, they haven’t always produced lighting fixtures. Their original business model was focused around LEDs and their use in instrument panel lighting in aircrafts. It wasn’t until the early aughts they began to make lighting fixtures. It is because of this, they have always had LEDs in mind when designing their lighting fixtures.

Well-Designed Fixtures

One of the many benefits of Dialight is the fixture hardware; it is designed and made specifically for LEDs. This means the amount of heat the fixture receives was taken into careful consideration and built to have great thermal management. Durability is something you’ll be able to count on with their fixtures.

The IntelliLED System

Dialight understands the importance of utilizing customer investments to the fullest. That’s why when you invest in their fixtures and controls, you are also getting a new addition to your facility’s connected enterprise. The IntelliLED™ system, the next benefit of Dialight, utilizes Ethernet/IP, PROFINET®, and BACnet protocols. When you pair The IntelliLED system with the Allen-Bradley® Logix® platform, you can control the lights based on any machine’s process condition or any machine’s sensor.

The IntelliLED IIOT platform offers granular control and system-wide visibility to any information needed to find and decrease risk, optimize site safety and productivity, and to adapt to the future. All of this is possible through the system’s features such as:

  • - High bay fixtures that can communicate wirelessly with all components in the IntelliLED system through a 2.4 GHz wireless mesh network.
  • - An enterprise server that offers the flexibility for complete site-wide lighting management through an easy-to-use web interface.
  • - Wireless sensors that reduce run time and maximize cost savings with daylight harvesting and occupancy sensors.
  • - A gateway controller that wirelessly integrates fixtures and sensors, offering ground-level control for up to 120 nodes.

The Dialight Enterprise Server

To track and monitor all this vital information, there is Dialight’s Enterprise Server. On the Enterprise Server, users can look at their lights’ energy consumption in real-time or look at its history either on the server or on a downloadable report. An expense and savings report is also available over the sever. A user simply needs to enter in their legacy usage data and a graph of their current energy use, energy savings in currency, and CO2 savings will be plotted.

Another benefit of Dialight and the IntelliLED system is the ability to schedule your lights. Incredible flexibility and reconfiguration are available on the spot. The Enterprise Server can group and control lights in ANY arrangement needed. Zones, rows, or even individual lights can be grouped together and controlled simultaneously. These arrangements can be put on timed schedules that not only control when the lights turn on and off but how much the light gives out when it is in use. Occupancy sensors and daylight harvesting sensors can be included to save additional energy.

We Can Help You Dial into the Right Light

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of Dialight and how it can increase your facility’s safety, productivity, and efficiency as well as become an integral part of your facility’s connected enterprise, contact one of our lighting specialists today.

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