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COVID-19 Safety Solutions for the New Normal

5/27/20  |  Brendan Behr, Rexel Technical Consultant

COVID-19 has required many employers to define a new normal as they look to re-open their doors and get back to work. For some companies, finding the right COVID-19 safety solutions may not be too difficult. However, for many larger and more complex businesses, it is a big undertaking. Nevertheless, it is an issue that needs to be addressed as businesses begin to function in their new normal.

There are a few key components to consider as employers look to build or revise safety management programs because of the COVID-19 global pandemic.

Social Distancing Solutions

While some companies can easily operate with others standing at a distance, there are many others where social distancing in the workplace is a big concern. Manufacturing, food and beverage, and construction are just a few industries troubled by this overwhelming task. Keeping up with productivity and quality while keeping a distance from other employees seems near impossible, but rest assured, we can help. 

COVID-19 safety solutions such as vinyl floor marking tapes allow businesses to provide visual aids and management in common areas were people generally gather. These areas include lobbies, waiting areas, breakrooms, cafeterias, and conference areas. With a wide variety of colors and sizes to choose from, we have the products you need to keep your employees safe and your facility compliant.

Hand Hygiene & Cleaning Solutions

Hygiene is something most companies managed well before COVID-19. However, this global pandemic has companies revisiting their policies and procedures, and they are doubling down on their efforts. To combat transmission, companies are adopting new practices, including:

        - Carving out time between shift changes for disinfecting, organizing, and re-stocking of essential items
        - Posting additional signage in restrooms, breakrooms, and lobbies to promote cleanliness
        - Selecting different cleaning chemicals and adjusting dilutions
        - Replacing general-purpose cleaners with disinfectants to kill off coronaviruses, influenzas, MRSA, and many other bacteria
        - Upgrading manual dispensing units for soaps, sanitizers, paper products, and plasticware to touchless /motion-censored options wherever possible

Workers look to their employers for COVID-19 safety solutions that emphasize cleaning and good personal hygiene. Providing a safe work environment makes employees healthier and happier, resulting in improved employee satisfaction and less absenteeism.

Safety PPE Solutions

As we see out in public, wearing masks and gloves has become a very popular precaution to help flatten the curve across the country. Now that businesses are getting back to work, employers are revising their safety PPE stock and usage requirements. COVID-19 safety solutions can include disposable and reusable respirators, face shields, safety glasses, gloves, and disposable garments. 

For many companies, this influx of required PPE has sparked the need for a vendor managed inventory (VMI) program to re-evaluate their stocked items, right-size their inventory of critical /high-usage products and purge inactive or obsolete items. Storage space is valuable, and a properly run VMI program can help maximize your space and time.

Find the Right COVID-19 Safety Solutions

As your company looks to make revisions, we can help. Our Safety Specialists can help you evaluate your facilities and find the right COVID-19 safety solutions for your workspaces. Let us help you keep your employees healthy and safe. Contact us today!

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