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6 Ways to Improve Workplace Safety

8/13/19  |  Rexel

It’s OSHA’s Safe + Sound Week, part of a year-round campaign to encourage workplace safety programs. It’s a great time to evaluate your internal programs. Whether you have something formal in place or not, this post will provide ways for you to improve workplace safety at your site or facility.

Safety is a Culture

From protecting employees from harm to improving safety to promoting a program, a safety-first mindset is critical to success. At Horizon Solutions, our safety commitment shows; it’s threaded through our blog, it’s demonstrated in our trainings, and it’s realized through the safety measures we help our customers take. We know that it’s about more than masks and machine parts or even compliance—it’s about the culture. The Safe + Sound campaign focuses on three pillars:

        - Management Leadership – Safety starts from the top down
        - Worker Participation – Promote programs and empower employees
        - Find and Fix Hazards – Safety programs are only as strong as the action taken

Leadership commitment matters and demonstrates workplace safety is a priority,” said Acting Assistant Secretary of Labor for Occupational Safety and Health Loren Sweatt. “Safe + Sound Week reminds employers that safety and health programs help businesses save money, eliminate injuries, and most importantly save lives.

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Improve Workplace Safety This Week and Beyond

The following tips are based on OSHA’s Safe + Sound program and are designed to help you embrace a safety-first culture.


The cost of the right equipment or improvements is nothing compared to the cost of human lives. Each year, thousands of workers die in preventable accidents, and tens of thousands more are injured. With the right precautions, those deaths could have been avoided. Demonstrate your company’s commitment to safety by developing a comprehensive program that will protect them from injury.


Safety doesn’t live on a page or in a book. Your program should be alive and well in your facility. No matter your role, make sure you diligently follow procedures and encourage others to do the same. From the C-suite to the production floor, everyone should share the common goal of going home healthy and whole every day.


Make it easy for workers to be proactive. Create an accessible system for employees to report hazards, concerns, conditions, or incidents without the fear of retaliation. And include an anonymity option for reporting.


An informed employee is a safe employee. From wearing gear correctly to understanding its importance, training is key to any safety program. And make sure you teach workers how to identify and control workplace hazards.


Safety isn’t something you can set and forget. Inspecting your facility and reviewing your plan should take place at least annually to ensure that everything is up to date. We recently created a comprehensive safety workbook to help you assess your current situation.


Whether it’s the result of an annual review or a report from an employee, make improvements promptly to both your facility and your safety program. Also, stay on top of the latest guidelines and standards from the agencies appropriate to your industry (e.g., OSHA or NFPA).

We Can Help You Put Safety First

We’re here to help you keep your workforce safe. We will help you design a comprehensive safety solution to meet your unique needs, including products, services, and training. We also offer inspections to help you avoid OSHA violations and fines. Contact us today!

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