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Safety Signs: Seeing the Possibilities

10/3/19  |  Liz Rossiter, Rexel Technical Consultant

Here’s Your Sign

As we progress to a digital world, it may seem like signs would become less important. Yet, if I challenged you to think of how many signs you encounter throughout your day, you will realize that we are being bombarded with them all the time—especially safety signs. Despite our ability to tune them out, when we see them day in and day out, we really do use them more than you might think. Traffic signs, restroom signs, safety signs, informational signs. I bet you’ve relied on at least one of those today. And safety signs have saved you from injury and even death countless times.

Compliance is a Clear Sign of Safety

Clear communication to everyone who encounters the sign is key. OSHA, ANSI Z535, and Alert signs are the main types of safety signs. Each has a specific format that is the industry standard. In an environment where you need to be compliant, these types are required. A variety of audits are available to ensure your facility is correctly labeled for maximum safety and communication. Industry-standard signs can help communicate key information to employees and guests, such as exits, fire extinguishers, and muster/evacuation areas. They also help us understand where various types of PPE are required to ensure everyone’s safety.

Customize Compliance Made-to-Order Safety Signs

While there are many, many standard options when it comes to signs, sometimes you need a custom design. This can be particularly important for end-users who utilize unique products and for international businesses. When this need comes up with my customers, I always turn to the Brady® custom sign team. With their help, we can either start with a template or design a complete custom sign to your exact specifications. It might seem daunting when you need a multi-lingual, one-off sign. Luckily, Brady has an entire department devoted to helping us with unique requests.

When I was asked to work on a sign project that included a special layout, foreign language, and distinctive symbols, I was relieved that we had a great partner to turn to for help. We provided a cell phone picture, dimensions, and material information, and in a very short time, we were able to quote and provide approval proofs. The pressure was on because we needed to meet a delivery date that would allow our customer to take these on his flight overseas. Again, Brady backed up their great reputation by delivering in just over a week. And my customer was able to tuck his ready-to-use safety signs into his carry-on.

Making Modifications for a Better Safety Fit

While that project was a bit rare, it’s common for our customers to need something special for their facility. For example, maybe you need a generic sign that is slightly modified to meet your needs. Any time we assist with something special, we take steps to ensure it meets the required specifications. Once your specifications are submitted, you receive notifications along the way to ensure your modified safety sign is exactly what you’re looking for and delivered when you need it.

You’ll receive a notification as soon as the proof is available, so you’ll know exactly what your sign looks like before it’s made. Ideally, you love what you see and immediately approve the proof. But what if we don’t get it right the first time, and it’s not everything you dreamed it would be? Don’t worry; that’s why we use the proof. If you need something changed, or it doesn’t pop the way you hoped, just let us know. The proof can be revised, as needed. And the production of your sign doesn’t start until you approve it. When it arrives at your facility, we want you to hang it up and smile, satisfied with the final product and the ease of the process from start to finish.

Are Your Safety Signs Compliant?

Take a look around. Are you noticing more of the signs around you? Try to look at your surroundings with fresh eyes as though you were a visitor to the area. Do your signs allow for safe navigation through the facility? Do they clearly indicate areas that are out of bounds or providing instructions on required PPE? Maybe it’s time to re-evaluate how your signs are working. It just might be time for an update. Contact us today for expert advice.

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