About Rexel Automation Solutions

 For over 50 years, Rexel Automation has helped our valued clients achieve their desired business outcomes by delivering best-in-class customer experience and support. 

 We specialize in industrial automation services, solutions, and products that transform your application and operational needs into fully realized solutions, delivering       measurable results and profitability for your company.

 Whether you are an OEM, End User, or Service Provider, our distribution network of more than 30,000 employees working across 2,200 branches in 38 countries offers a   local presence with a global reach to solve real-world problems.

 You can count on our professional service, technical specialist, and sales teams to help you create sustainable solutions for your immediate and long-term needs, providing   you a competitive edge in today’s global market.

 Our Approach

 Users of automation face a wide range of complex challenges including Operations and Production, Safety and Security, Project Management, Workforce Development, and   Business Intelligence. Rexel’s Services are specifically designed to scale and complement automation users’ unique needs related to these automation and industrial   networking challenges. Our certified automation and network specialists provide expertise in integrating information and operational technologies. 

 From the receiving dock and warehouse to the plant floor and beyond, Rexel Delivered Services can provide you the insights, networking, and hardware to automate and   optimize every aspect of your business.

 Our Mission

 Our mission is to maximize customers’ return on automation and information investments by providing superior support across the entire investment lifecycle.

 Rexel Delivered Services is focused on helping organizations increase productivity, optimize inventory, decrease time to market, and maximize profitability by delivering   excellent service and support through our broad range of industrial automation services, solutions, and products.

 Our Commitment

 Rexel commits to understanding your specific business objectives and needs to support you in reaching your organizational goals. Our portfolio of plant services has helped   our clients improve reliability, increase productivity, and augment their workforces with critical competencies, while delivering best-in-class customer service and support. 

 We consistently deliver our valued clients the business outcomes they strive to achieve, each and every day. We can do the same for you!