Oil & Gas

 As production costs continue to increase, we've made it a priority to develop effective solutions for the oil and gas industry. From upstream exploration and production facilities to downstream refineries throughout the United States, Rexel is your partner of choice.

Food & Beverage

 Rexel is proud to partner with the food and beverage industry by offering solutions backed by our technical experts. We partner with you to help optimize every aspect of your food and beverage operation, allowing you to produce profitability, responsibly and safely.

Household & Personal Care

Automation and Control Solutions for Household and Personal Care Industries


Optimize Uptime and Performance

Commercial Contractors & Facilities

Full Line Electrical Supply:  Lighting & Controls, Gear & Power Distribution, Cable & Wiring Devices, Datacom

Pulp & Paper

 The pulp and paper industry is responsible for a vast portfolio of products worldwide, including the most recent resurgence in packaging materials. With a proven track record of pulp and paper manufacturing sites across the United States are experts can offer solutions to keep pulp and paper processing lines running as safely and efficiently as possible.

Water Wastewater

 From water processing and water treatment facilities to wastewater plants, processes need to be streamlined and efficient in order to improve production costs. Whatever your water applications or compliance regulations are Rexel's strategic partnerships enable us to provide a complete electrical and automation solutions for you.


 The chemical industry encompasses a vast array of products and applications including specialty chemicals and process controls.  Our working knowledge combined with our technical expertise can help you achieve your desired production outcomes safety and effectively.

Power Generation

Power Plant Automation, SCADA, and Control Systems

Automotive & Tire

Automation and Control Systems for the Auto and Tire Industries