5 Ways READY Robotics Makes Automation Accessible to Busy Manufacturers
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5 Ways READY Robotics Makes Automation Accessible to Busy Manufacturers

2/15/24 | Robert Werkman, Industrial Automation Services Manager

As noted in Deloitte’s 2024 Manufacturing Industry Outlook, “A recent Deloitte study indicated that a striking 86% of surveyed manufacturing executives believe that smart factory solutions will be the primary drivers of competitiveness in the next five years.” The sub-headline of the report even states “manufacturers should continue embracing digital transformation to contribute to a competitive and resilient future and to help tackle ongoing manufacturing challenges.” It’s clear that embracing digital transformation and automating your manufacturing processes goes well beyond some trend or recent fad. Industry 4.0 is here to stay and moving faster than ever.

On top of that, as a manufacturer you’re facing cost pressures, labor shortages/skills gaps, competition, and – as the Deloitte report goes on to say – supply chain challenges continue to persist. Automation is no longer a luxury or nice-to-have, it’s a necessity.

But that poses another challenge. Traditional automation solutions, especially in the world of robotics, require complex integration, lengthy deployment times, and reliance on specialized experts. You’re already busy keeping the business running, so how are you supposed to become a robotics expert on top of it? These hurdles can make implementing robotics seem like an unattainable dream.

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And yet, robotics solutions exist for even the most resource-constrained manufacturers that are quick to deploy, intuitively controlled, and integrate seamlessly with your existing workflows. This is the vision behind READY Robotics, the creators of the world’s first universal operating system for industrial automation – ForgeOS.

What is ForgeOS?

READY Robotics ForgeOS is a universal robotic operating system that simplifies and centralizes control of your entire automation operation. The ForgeOS operating system:

  • Reduces programming time by 43%
  • Lowers costs by 61%
  • Allows you to control hundreds of brands of robots, peripherals, and other devices from a single teach pendant
  • Features no-code, low-code, or code options to manage your robotics
  • Build custom work cells and program intricate tasks with flowchart-based interface
  • Gain live control over your entire work cell
  • Empowers your teams to manage and program robots confidently with its user-friendly design

Let’s dive into a few specifics.

 5 Ways READY Robotics Makes Automation Accessible 

1. Pre-Engineered Simplicity

You’re already pressed for time so, understandably, one of the last things you have the capacity for is a months-long robotics integration project. READY Robots’ pre-configured READY Cells are designed for specific tasks like palletizing, machine tending, or material handling. They arrive ready to go, minimizing downtime and disruption, allowing you to see the benefits within days, not months.

2. Intuitive Control for Everyone

Before, you had two options: Spend more time than you have learning programming languages to get a robot to do what you need it to do, or hire someone in an already tight labor market, get them up to speed, and have them set up your robots. Fortunately, the ForgeOS software offers a no-code interface, meaning anyone – no matter their technical background – can control and manage robots. This frees up valuable engineering resources to work on higher-value tasks, builds a culture of automation ownership within your workforce, and puts your business on the fast-track to a digitally transformed powerhouse of efficiency and production.

3. Expert Guidance at Every Step

We recognize that even simple solutions require support at times. READY Robotics offers dedicated project management and ongoing technical assistance, and Rexel’s team of mechatronics experts have the knowledge to guide you through every stage – from the initial assessment to implementation and beyond.

4. Flexible and Scalable Solutions

Rigidity has no place in a manufacturing environment. Even robots who have one job and do it all day every day need to be flexible and scalable. READY Robotics’ solutions are modular and adapt easily to your evolving needs. As your production and operations scale, your robotic cells scale right along with you with seamless integration. This flexibility will set you on your way to future-proof your robotics investment and ensure you remain competitive long term.

5. Technology Built for the Future

Circling back to the beginning of this blog post – manufacturing executives agree that smart manufacturing is the future of manufacturing, and it’s coming quickly. Some are up for the challenge while others may see it to be too daunting to handle. READY Robotics ForgeOS is designed to be universal and compatible with almost every robot brand. There’s no need to learn a different programming language for each robot. Also, as you scale and expand your robot operations, you won’t be locked into specific technologies. Your robots show up ready to adapt to future advancements.

In short, the future is coming fast. In fact, it’s already here. As the world becomes increasingly digitized and companies continue to harness the power of automation, it’s critical that you have the tools to remain competitive. You’re busy, but that doesn’t have to stop you. Here are a few bonus benefits of embracing the technology of tomorrow:

  • Increased Productivity: Freeing your workforce for higher-value activities
  • Reduced Costs: Optimizing processes and minimizing waste
  • Improved Quality: Ensuring consistent, high-quality products
  • Enhanced Safety: Automating dangerous tasks and improving workplace safety

We Can Help

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